Our Team

We have built an organisation that attracts people of only the highest calibre, with great experience and expertise.


Vegard Nilsen



Espen Nordhus

Co-Founder & Alternative Fund Board Advisor

Portfolio Managers

Andrea Cavalleri

CIO (Life)

Herbie Lloyd

CIO (Non-Life)

Philippe Shaw-Jackson

Portfolio Manager

Raphael Rayees

Portfolio Manager (Traded)


Paul Larrett

Head of Non-Life & CUO

Richard Godfrey

Deputy Underwriting Officer & Portfolio Manager (Traded)

Adam Robinson

Head of Life & CUO

Global Investor Relations

Yuko Hoshino

Head of Investor Relations & Business Development Japan/Asia

Cate Kenworthy

Head of Investor Relations & Business Development UK/Europe

Guy Cullen

Head of Investor Relations & Business Development UCITS

Jen Reinglass

Head of Investor Relations & Business Development North America

Steven Le Moing

Head of Investor Relations & Business Development Continental Europe

Global Origination

Cahal Doris

Senior Originator (Non-Life)

George Mawdsley

Senior Originator (Non-Life)

Nicholas Thuell

Senior Originator (Non-Life)

Antonio Pombeiro

Senior Originator (Life)

Jerome Grenier

Senior Originator (Life)

Mattias Eng

Head of Insurance Solutions Group


Paul McCabe


Risk Management

Stephen Lister


Value Proposition in Non-Life and Life Origination:


  • Breadth of origination capabilities across insurance, reinsurance and retrocession.
  • Key relationships with brokers and cedents at all levels of the organisations.
  • Proprietary view of risk.
  • No close links to any insurance companies.


  • Dedicated in-house Life actuarial, structuring and legal team.
  • Proactive origination approach that leverages a broad network of existing contacts within the insurance, reinsurance, consultancy and banking world.
  • 12-year track-record of completing bespoke, privately negotiated transactions.
  • Our team focusses on sourcing life ILS transactions with ‘pure’ biometric risks, not moving into non-core areas that would lower the decorrelation of our offering.


Operational Excellence – a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  • Institutional quality platform.
  • Robust in-house operational team and infrastructure alongside rigorous analysis of potential investments and supported by extensive actuarial modelling capabilities.
  • Comprehensive compliance framework.