Our Life Business

The Securis Competitive Advantage


Securis focuses on financing transactions with sole recourse to insurance related cash-flows/receivables across different asset classes where the main risk driver is an insurance risk.

  • Uniquely long and successful track record in financing counterparties globally against assets related to the insurance space

  • Ability to highly customise financing structure based on specific business and regulatory needs

  • Very cost effective and efficient executions, as testified by our counterparties’ references

Derisking and Capital Management

Securis has a track record in executing highly innovative and customized capital management transactions, globally.

  • The current regulatory framework require insurance companies to carefully manage their capital position. Securis has successfully offered solutions to effectively strengthen insurers balance sheet.

  • With a mix of actuarial and capital markets experience, Securis combines the best of the reinsurance knowledge, together with a capital markets mind-set.

  • Securis’ strongly believes a flexible approach is required: the best solutions are tailor-made structures aimed at delivering the right benefit to our counterparties.


Securis prides itself on looking at innovative structures and providing tailor-made solutions matching our counterparties’ needs.

  • Securis has innovated the insurance and reinsurance space with many ‘firsts’ both in US and Europe.

  • Relying on in-house resources, we have both the wiliness and all the required skills to look at new areas.

  • Acting globally we bring a wealth of experience, still being able –through local expertise and knowledge- to highly customize our offering for counterparties.