Our Team

We have built an organisation that attracts people of only the highest calibre, with great experience and expertise.


Vegard Nilsen


Portfolio Managers

Andrea Cavalleri

CIO (Life)

Herbie Lloyd

CIO (Non-Life)

Philippe Shaw-Jackson

Portfolio Manager

Raphael Rayees

Portfolio Manager (Traded)


Paul Larrett

Head of Non-Life & CUO

Richard Godfrey

Deputy Underwriting Officer & Portfolio Manager (Traded)

Global Investor Relations

Steven Le Moing

Head of Investor Relations & Business Development Continental Europe

Guy Cullen

Head of Investor Relations & Business Development UCITS

Yoshihiro Okamoto

Distribution & Relationship Manager (Japan)

Global Origination

Cahal Doris

Senior Originator (Non-Life)

Nicholas Thuell

Senior Originator (Non-Life)

Antonio Pombeiro

Senior Originator (Life)


Paul McCabe


Value Proposition in Non-Life and Life Origination:


  • Breadth of origination capabilities across insurance, reinsurance and retrocession.
  • Key relationships with brokers and cedents at all levels of the organisations.
  • Proprietary view of risk.
  • No close links to any insurance companies.


  • Dedicated in-house Life actuarial, structuring and legal team.
  • Proactive origination approach that leverages a broad network of existing contacts within the insurance, reinsurance, consultancy and banking world.
  • Long track-record of completing bespoke, privately negotiated transactions.
  • Our team focusses on sourcing life ILS transactions with ‘pure’ biometric risks, not moving into non-core areas that would lower the decorrelation of our offering.


Operational Excellence – a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  • Institutional quality platform.
  • Robust in-house operational team and infrastructure alongside rigorous analysis of potential investments and supported by extensive actuarial modelling capabilities.
  • Comprehensive compliance framework.